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About Us

MoreSolar utilizes wind power as a novel method for cleaning photovoltaic (PV) units, commonly known as solar panels, that are experiencing a loss in energy output due to the effects of soiling. Our innovative design uses polymer airfioles as a mechanism to remove fine dust, inorganic salts, and particulate matter obstructing sun energy from reaching PV units. Functionally, our technology is very low-cost to manufacture, easy to install, and highly durable. By comparison, current methods to clean photovoltaic units rely heavily on the use of water, labor, and complicated machinery to clean panels.

The Team

UCSB students

We are UCSB students passionate about solar energy and a sustainable future. We have diverse educational backgrounds including science and business backgrounds. We are providing solar cleaning solutions through an economical means, allowing for worldwide accessibility

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Reach out to us at moresolarinc[at]gmail[dot]com

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We are looking for solar panel owners who have an energy output monitoring system that are willing to have their panels cleaned.